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Whether you're craving a juicy hamburger or a crisp, fresh salad, there's something for everyone at this renowned eatery in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Whether you combine your meal with a rotating selection of special southsides, or imagine this as a quick and easy lunch or dinner, there are a number of options to satisfy your hunger. It is best to bring your appetite with you, that is, and hope that you # I have some serious calories on skis while I wait for your dinner.

Whether you're looking for a hearty meal at one of the many restaurants in Teton Village or a quick lunch at a local restaurant, Jackson Hole has a host of great options. There are many places where you can eat on the slopes, some of them scattered throughout the village of Tsona. Jackson Hole Farmers Market takes place on Saturday morning in the town square, and Jacksonhole Peoples' Market also takes place on Sunday morning from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. M., Tonsley Park.

If you want to be one of the first skiers on the mountain, you can skip the long drive to Teton Village and take the scenic route for lunch, dinner or breakfast, but it can be stressful and take a while for your food to arrive. The food on the hillside in Jackson Hole leaves something to be desired, as it lacks the quality to justify the high prices. The cheapest restaurants are in the city of Jackson, where there is more competition to keep prices down, so packing your own lunch or taking it with you is a wise decision. There are some that go to restaurants - up or up - and if you feel like it, go up, order, and then skip it. These bistros are located on a free shuttle bus that runs from downtown Jackson through Tonsley Village. However, if it doesn't feel like a ride and you don't want to get into the trouble of taking your own lunch, you should definitely stop by the Alpenhof Bistro.

For a casual mid-range restaurant that Jackson goes through - and - book a table at Million Dollar Cowboy Steakhouse.

This casual eatery is perfect for those who just want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of downtown Jackson and its tourist restaurants. For a scenic treat, the Mountain Bistro is equipped with picturesque treats - and a great place for a quick lunch or dinner.

While some Jacksonites derogatorically refer to Cache Creek as "the local dog run," the glistening mountains and canyons are beautiful. Best of all, the entire Dornan area has some of the best walking and cycling trails in the entire state of Wyoming - and even more, it's accessible from downtown Jackson.

Although most visitors assume Jackson is home to one of the world's most popular mountain restaurants, it really is Jackson. From Nepal's Everest region to Jackson Hole, owners Sange and Rita Sherpa serve special recipes at their Dornan restaurant, including saag paneer, panko bread and chutney.

If you can, go with a bacon - with Bloody Mary, braised elk sauce and smoked shallots. Other specialties of the house are stuffed mushrooms and freshly prepared Caesar salad, as well as smoked salmon, macaroni and cheese and a variety of other dishes. Italian dishes, such as home-made pasta cooked on a wood grill, are the dishes that keep inspiring the locals in this Italian trattoria. Try the pasta and dishes from chef Kevin Humphreys - the restaurant's kitchen - or try the fresh baked pasta, pasta di bufala or spaghetti bolognese, both available for $10.

For savory flavours, try the Shakshuka Saded Avocado Bowl, or for those with a sweet tooth, try the Belgian Leige waffles or treat yourself to the Bread Pudding and French Toast.

Pete's Mountain Bistro is located in the heart of Jackson Hole and the restaurant offers stunning views of the entire Jackson Valley. With hearty pasta bowls filled with tasty fries, enjoy magnificent mountain views, including the iconic Corbet Couloir from the south - overlooking deck - or enjoy a more casual atmosphere that features live music and is enjoyed by everyone. The bar offers a wide selection of beers and wines, as well as a variety of cocktails and cocktails, and a bar area where you can find some decent breakfast burritos.

Once you arrive, there is an exciting food world to discover, and delicious proteins are plentiful. Most visitors assume that there are steaks the size of your face, but there is more to it than that: there is a variety of different meats, cheeses and sauces.

If you need fuel in the morning, there's a spicy, cheesy breakfast burger that should be piled high with pickled accessories and a spread. If you're still hungry, hot dogs and burgers are an instant crowd puller, but if you're an early riser, this is one of the first things you want to wake up for. Try the aptly named Fantasy Roller or peel yourself out of bed before lunch and head to the breakfast counter.

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