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One of the most iconic views painted in the western Wyoming sky is Jackson Hole in Teton National Park, Wyoming. When you think of Wyoming, what could come to mind as a current hot spot? But none of these places has the same cultural diversity as the country's most famous tourist attraction. The man-made art scene in the city of Jackson, Wyo., and its surrounding area, Jackson Hole, is one of the liveliest in the West.

If your interest in art is more in the future than the future, you will find it here, but there is still plenty of opportunity to see and buy Western art in Jackson. If you're interested in collecting and searching for art, there are some of the most established art galleries and art organizations in the state of Wyoming. If you're looking for rare and unique works, be sure to visit the Jackson Hole Museum of Art, which houses a wide variety of artworks from the past, present and upcoming gallery collections. These pieces will add the perfect dose of Wyoming flair to your home and highlight the local art scene.

The Mountain Trails Gallery represents many contemporary Western artists of our time and shows works by artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol and David Hockney. This local nonprofit has been a mainstay and advocate for the arts in Jackson for more than 50 years. Today, they have offices here in Scottsdale and galleries in Las Vegas, Denver, Phoenix, Salt Lake City and Denver. The annual Jackson Hole Art Auction is organized by the Museum of Art and the local section of the American Society of Contemporary Art.

The museum's sculpture trail, designed by award-winning landscape architect David Hockney, opened in autumn 2011. The path to Sculpture Trail Sc connects the Art Museum with the Mountain Trails Gallery on the west side of the museum and offers a path through the park and into the city of Jackson, a popular destination for cyclists and hikers. It also connects to a newly created path along the Jackson Hole River Trail, which offers tunnels and underpasses for both cyclists and hikers.

The pass costs $12 for 7 days and you can easily drive through the park, but it is flat and mostly asphalted, with breathtaking views all the way.

For current concert and event information, please check the Jackson Hole events calendar for the area. Remember to mark your calendar and look for new information every week about concerts, events and events in the park and the surrounding area. It offers great shows performed at the foot of the Tetons, as well as live music from local bands and artists.

Art collectors, art travelers and artists will find it very useful to click on the art gallery guides at the top of the navigation and you will find a list of all the galleries in Jackson Hole as well as links to other art galleries and galleries in the area.

This family-run guest house is still surrounded by Grand Teton National Park, with the Teton Mountains as a backdrop. Lucas Ranch, located on the east side of Jackson Hole River Rd., was founded by Lee Lucas in 1896 and is one of the oldest and most famous Dude Ranches in the United States. Surrounded by the Grand Tetons, it remains the largest family farm in North America run by the wives.

If you want to see some of the best artwork in the West during your stay, be sure to visit the National Museum of Wildlife Art, located on the east side of Jackson Hole River Rd. , just a few blocks from Lucas Ranch. The gallery opens every Friday and Saturday, so if you're in Jackson City Square, you can see these beautiful works.

The 1,106-acre refuge was purchased in 1932 by John D. Rockefeller Jr. as a family home and given to Grand Teton National Park in 1937 as part of the Rockefeller Foundation's efforts to expand the national park and preserve its natural beauty. In 1955, the Hardemans sold their ranch and moved to a ranch in Wilson, Wyoming, where their sons raised Hereford cattle until the 1990s, but sold them to Grand Tetton National Park in 1955. The Lucas family has continued to keep cattle in Jackson and there are currently more than 1,000 cattle, sheep, goats and other animals under the relief program. cattle born at the beginning of the 20th century at the Ramshorn Ranch in Dubois, Montana, and grazing on the ranch's pastures.

The Sculpture Trail is free and open to the public, and includes the Grand Teton National Park Museum and Museum of Contemporary Art, which houses the museum's collection of more than 1,000 past and present artworks, as well as a museum exhibit.

The Moulton Ranch Quarter Circle UU is a historic Mormon Row homestead that was donated anonymously to the Grand Teton National Park Foundation. One of them is the beautiful sleeping Indian Mountain, which is located in the gallery of the Flat Creek Inn. Mead Ranch (Double T) was founded over 100 years ago as a homestead and is now the grass-fed working ranch in Jackson Hole.

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More About Jackson Hole